7 Jan 2007

Gem of a Gym

For the past few months - let's say July through present - I've taken on a few unhealthy habits: avoiding the gym, eating out regularly, drinking too mucha de booza, staying up late, having lots of coffee, dining on foods that start with "Big" and end in "Mac" ... the list goes on.

For an array of reasons, ranging from vanity to sanity, I've decided to put an end to this and get back on the healthy train. I've been reading more about nutrition, started making healthy meals again and have made my return to the gym.

But not just any gym.

Oh, no, sir. This is a swanky gym. It's actually part of the same chain of gyms that I'm a member of already, but this one is "superior", where you sweat in style. The place is just like a spa - it has lemon-infused waters, tea, personal saunas with eucalyptus filters, free primping products, leather massage chairs ... You'll notice that nowhere in my description is there a mention of anything calorie-burning. Really, you've seen one treadmill, you've seen them all.

But the best part about the gym, is how close it is to me. I can get up and be there in under 5 minutes, so I'm relieved of excuses. I have none. It's close, it has the equipment, it has the ever-important eucalyptus - and it's now a part of my day.


Irene 8:36 pm, January 13, 2007  

If there is some young, cute male trainer with ripped abs and a tight butt, then you don't have an excuse not to go. =D

I've never heard of a gym that has lemon-infused water, strange.

Văn Sát 9:17 am, September 12, 2016  

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