28 Feb 2006

Picture Time!

Fine, fine.

Here are some pics from the recent trip down Mexico way.

The Ever Important Towel Art Series

A swan:

A whale?:

A happy stingray:

Man's best friend:

The Scenery Series (Abbreviated)

The shoreline of Playacar:

The ruins of Talum:

The resort pool:

The Glamourous People Series

The most beautiful girl on the beach:

The 40 Amigos:

Getting boozed (and possibly Hepatitis) at 11am:

El Dorko:

The nuclear family of Jen But Never Jenn:

Wearing silly shoes and needing to cool off my blistered feet in the grass:

Drunk on tequila and putting on our sexy dramatic faces for the camera:

A Patrick Self-Portrait that happened to catch me in a moment of realizing that the bus - which would be taking us away from the humidity and forced educational surroundings - wouldn't leave for the resort for another three hours. Somedays, I look so attractive, I'm beside myself:


25 Feb 2006

She's Alive!

For anyone that ever checks on this blog - my apologies. Laziness, travel, busy-ness, work and pure hatred of looking at a computer screen all contributed to the recent derailment of my blogging.

But I'm here to update today! Since I've been been away from this page, the following things have happened:

* Left the country twice
* Drank silly amounts of tequila (I heart tequila)
* Started to see some baby arm muscles in development (down 2% bodyfat! ... Well, before my holiday, anyway - ha)
* Celebrated my grandfather's 85th birthday with nearly 40 family members
* Set a new personal record in pain by staying at work until nearly 1am
* Encountered the disturbing experience of Amerian Airlines "service" (the words 'service' is to be read by channeling SNL-era David Spade and his use of finger quotes)
* Got a laptop from work and a snazzy bag to put it in
* Went to Mexico and didn't get murdered
* Slept on a bed that was so hard, I swear it came straight out of a Flintstones cartoon
* Experienced the thrill of what is known as a "breakfast dessert" in McKinney, TX in the form of a blackberry cobbler. Have since incorporated the concept into everyday life
* Missed my friend Anissa's birthday (Happy belated! See you tonight!)
* Stayed in a B&B that was decorated in teddy bears and an unhealthy use of the colour pink
* Was called "Ma'am" by various southerns and quite liked it
* Came home from Mexico to realize that my poor boss-lady had to get her appendix out and had to recover in hospital/at home while I was away
* In conjuction with that last point, opened my e-mail to find 237 new messages after only having been gone for a week
* Patrick has successfully wooed my dad's side of the family and has been noted by aunts as "a good catch"
* Purchased more personal training sessions
* Have sourced out a possible massage therapist / chiropractor (thanks Erin!) to deal with the continually degrading back and neck issues
* Have had crazy cravings for smoked salmon lately
* Was charmed by the various towel creations left by our chambermaid, Ruben
* Got invited to my old work's Party at the Curling Rink (they're soo fun) - but I'm having to decline (extreme sadness)
* Am quite exceptionally tanned

Pics from Meh-he-ko will follow shortly!

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