6 Oct 2006

Bootylicious Prospects

So --- hurrah! Engagement!

Just when I thought I was going to have to create a secret blog that would be soley devoted to the evil aspects of my job (secret so that I not get Dooced), something comes along for me to talk about!

I have never been a fan of the word "fiancée". There is something implicitly annoying, tacky and smug about that word. I just imagine this horrible woman waving her bling finger around unneccesarily and pointing toward an overly-gelled male at the bar while announcing, "Oh, yes, my fiancée [said with emphasis] is getting me a Cosmpolitan [also said with emphasis]." And when you gaze upon her bethroded, you wonder if anyone else notices that he's staring at the waitress's ass.

No, Patrick is not that man. And I'm not that woman. Hopefully.

So that's what makes it hard to find the right words to describe him. The thing is, I like the fact that we've "upgraded" from boyfriend to "we gonna' git hitched".

The solution arrived on its own recently. In talking with someone about the engagement, I started to say "boyfriend" but then my mouth flubbed to the dreaded "fiancée" and it came out "B-e-on-say" or "Beyoncé" to the pop-cultured.

So Beyoncé it is! Whether he likes it or not (and he doesn't!)!


2 Oct 2006

Adult Content

I'm home sick today because the cold I had has become full-blown, likely agitated by the dust of our old place (you never realize how poor your dusting skills are until you move) and the sawdust of the new place (from the floors), so I've finally decided to devote some time for an update.

As most people who know me know, on my 28th birthday I became engaged to some guy I met on the Internet. We are very happy indeed.

Along with The Office on DVD, he got me a mighty fine gift that I wake up in the middle of the night over, scared that I have lost it:
We haven't done much wedding planning / thinking as we've just moved into our first home. The place is a disaster as we haven't had a lot of time to unpack it properly. It appears that we have more stuff than space (especially clothes) and need to do (yet another) purge. The flooring, however, came in beautifully and I will spend the rest of my days here obsessing about any scratches that may come to it.

So, to summarize, my thoughts are now on Benadryl, towels I'd like to put on a registry and hardwood care. It appears that I have become an adullt.

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