3 Mar 2008

What I Like. What I Dislike.

I watched Amelie the other day and remembered how much I enjoyed the scenes in which everyone's very particular likes and dislikes are discussed. You can catch some of them in this clip. Amelie had her own love of cracking crème brûlée sugar (which I also adore).

Anyhoo - it made think of my own.

Jen Likes:
* Making lists for pretty much anything
* Catching people trying to sneak up on you
* The feeling of washing the conditioner out of your hair
* Having a second glass of wine while knowing there's still enough in the bottle for a third
* Looking at the background of pictures and finding something hilarious
* Confidently giving directions to tourists
* Putting your cold feet on someone else's warm skin

Jen Dislikes:
* Radio hosts that broadcast their crank calls
* Saving seats in a busy theatre
* Having to ask friends for a ride somewhere
* Reaching for a door handle when you think someone might be on the other side of it, about to (accidentally) slam the door open in your face
* When people in movies put down an object (especially of importance) and you don't see the scene where they pick it back up and put it away somewhere safe
* That smell in the streets after its rained and worms are out
* When people spell it "Jenn"

What are yours?

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