27 Jan 2007

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Five MORE things you may not know about me:

1. When Stephen Harper was across the street from us (in a tux, exiting a party) a couple of weeks ago, I thought - to my utter and total surprise- that he looked handsome.

2. I judge people by how they speak to waitresses.

3. I once had a crush on Data, the android from Star Trek Next Generation.

4. When Patrick is snoring, I often plug his nose to cause him to snort/wake up and then pretend I didn't.

5. I just bought a dress. A big white one.


24 Jan 2007


As witnessed in other blogs, it's tagging season. This tag is called "5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me":

1. I am very bad at math, but I LOVE creating Excel documents with lots of formulas. I actually get excited when I start a new budget, simply because of all the linking formulas involved.

2. I have a very short temper, but I can usually internalize it. Because of this, I implode several times a day.

3. I wish Alicia Silverstone appeared in more movies.

4. I had this past Monday off and all I did all day was go the gym and watch the entire first season of Battlestar Galactica.

5. I've started having wedding related nightmares. The latest was that it was 2 weeks before the wedding and all of the invites were still in my purse as I had forgotten to mail them out. Everyone else knew they were there but didn't say anything because they didn't want to tell me what to do on "my day".


16 Jan 2007


Happy birthday to my mom, who turns L today. She has crested the Roman Numeral hurdle of ages that start with "X" and is hitting her stride with a brand new letter. Yay!

My mom shares a birthday with Kate Moss, and if horoscopes have taught us anything – AND THEY HAVE TAUGHT US LESSONS ABOVE AND BEYOND THOSE TAUGHT BY THE SCIENTISTS - it's that Kate and my mother share the same path of destiny. Today my mom is hitting the powder in Jasper, which is pretty spooky because I'd bet that Kate is also acquainting herself with a special brand of snow right now too.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Marie!


14 Jan 2007

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

This weekend Patrick and I took in our first wedding show, Canada's Wedding Expo. While we have a good sense of what we'd like to do, I figured it wouldn't hurt to check it out to see if I could get some more ideas and enter in a few draws.

Lemme tell ya, if you're interested in a wedding that involves white limousines, tulle, dove releases, heart-shaped anything and Macarena-playing DJs, wedding shows are for you. I'm sad to report that I didn't get many ideas and while I entered in a bunch of draws, I'm certain that all I'll win is spam.

But not all was lost - plenty of blogging material was gained. Some highlights / lowlights:

  • Chocolate fountains. Tasty! But watching the people clamouring around them and the mess they were making with strings of chocolate slopping everywhere, I could just imagine how much worse it would be if those people were the hammered guests of our open-bar wedding. Mud wrestling comes to mind.
  • The Fake Bono. At one point, an announcer came on to get everyone's attention. Then on the jumbo-screens, there were a bunch of security officers "protecting" someone. "Is it? Ladies and Gentlemen - is it? Is it really him? Yes, yes, it's BONO EVERYONE!" exclaimed the announcer. Walking through the seated crowd (if crowd = 30 or so people) was a Bono-lookalike, waving and not getting that much of a response. He then took to the stage to sing some U2 classics while everyone looked embarassed and tried to muffle giggles when his notes went way off key during "With Or Without You".
  • The Vengabus is Coming. This is the song that was being played by not one but two DJ booths we walked by. Scarily enough, some people paused to chat with them.
  • Solicitation. Lots of it. The best one was from a woman representing a spa who stopped me to suggest that I was a "great candidate" for laser hair removal. Super!
You'd think my review would mean this was the first and last wedding show I'd be going to, but no, I am a glutton for horrifying experiences. Julianne, a friend I know through Will, is recently engaged and we agreed to go to the next big show, The National Bridal Show together. It's free for brides and is rumoured to showcase a Fake Bryan Adams performance. How could I say no to that?


7 Jan 2007

Gem of a Gym

For the past few months - let's say July through present - I've taken on a few unhealthy habits: avoiding the gym, eating out regularly, drinking too mucha de booza, staying up late, having lots of coffee, dining on foods that start with "Big" and end in "Mac" ... the list goes on.

For an array of reasons, ranging from vanity to sanity, I've decided to put an end to this and get back on the healthy train. I've been reading more about nutrition, started making healthy meals again and have made my return to the gym.

But not just any gym.

Oh, no, sir. This is a swanky gym. It's actually part of the same chain of gyms that I'm a member of already, but this one is "superior", where you sweat in style. The place is just like a spa - it has lemon-infused waters, tea, personal saunas with eucalyptus filters, free primping products, leather massage chairs ... You'll notice that nowhere in my description is there a mention of anything calorie-burning. Really, you've seen one treadmill, you've seen them all.

But the best part about the gym, is how close it is to me. I can get up and be there in under 5 minutes, so I'm relieved of excuses. I have none. It's close, it has the equipment, it has the ever-important eucalyptus - and it's now a part of my day.


1 Jan 2007

Hello, Goodbye

For me, 2006 was:
* Getting engaged
* Buying a home
* Work stress
* Acid reflux (see above)
* Parents retiring
* Realizing I HAVE to exercise. Sob.
* Boosting charitable donations
* Celebrity coochies
* Re-affirming that all-inclusive resorts are the best ever

2007 looks to be:
* Planning wedding
* Getting married
* The Rebirth of Grunge (maybe? It's due. Please? I'm feeling lazy and cheap and want to roll into work in a ripped shirt and pj bottoms. Just once.)
* Abandoning simple carbs
* Gym bunniness
* Leaving work at work
* No longer being terrified of the idea of starting la famille (GAH - ok, maybe a bit terrified)
* Me YouTubing Patrick's snoring

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