16 Jan 2007


Happy birthday to my mom, who turns L today. She has crested the Roman Numeral hurdle of ages that start with "X" and is hitting her stride with a brand new letter. Yay!

My mom shares a birthday with Kate Moss, and if horoscopes have taught us anything – AND THEY HAVE TAUGHT US LESSONS ABOVE AND BEYOND THOSE TAUGHT BY THE SCIENTISTS - it's that Kate and my mother share the same path of destiny. Today my mom is hitting the powder in Jasper, which is pretty spooky because I'd bet that Kate is also acquainting herself with a special brand of snow right now too.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Marie!


Foxy Renard 7:51 pm, January 24, 2007  

Happy b-day, Jen's mom!

I just tagged you. Random. See mine for details. SORRY. I know, it's like an effing chain letter. (This has been a copy and pasted disclaimer. Thanks for your patience.)

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