13 Aug 2009

Ads Gone Mad

This makes two lazy blog posts in a row where instead of writing something original here, I just point you to a place where I already sprayed my word barf:

Ads Gone Mad on Hitched

It's a collection of entertaining but so-not-acceptable-today commercials developed in the '60s, in honour of the upcoming season of my much adored Mad Men. Here's an example of one of them:

Ah, Folgers. They sell self-worth by the hot steamy cup. Ain't marketing grand?

Check out more of them!


7 Aug 2009

Because I'm a Hypocrite

While I didn't do it on this site, I did my share of mocking of Michael Jackson mourners. Not the normal ones, but the people who got dressed up, wore one glove and went to Dundas Square to moonwalk every night for a week. Oh, mocking was HAD.

Well ... this is my public moonwalk, but for John Hughes.

I'm officially a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie, and I'm ok with that.


3 Aug 2009

Best Random Google Find Ever

Eeee! Be still, my dork heart!

From Neatorama:

(That's an old $5 bill that's been lovingly given a Star Trek treatment.)

How / why I came across this is not important.

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