18 Oct 2007

Conversations with Douches

Oh, I've had so many today!

I volunteered at a particular event in which I had to interact with a bunch of people. Some were very nice. Some were complete tools.

A real conversation:

Douche: Hey, can I have a Powerade?

Me: Sorry, these [giant skid of Powerade that I've been tasked with protecting] aren't for today;s event. There's a tent just over there with some cold ones though.

Douche: C'mon. These are right here though.

Me: I know, but they've asked that no one touch these. The tent's just right there (pointing about 30 feet from us) - and they're cold. These ones are all warm.

Douche: Just let me take two. Just look the other way.

Me: Sorry.

Douche: You know, I am a banker.


10 Oct 2007

What Not To Wear Out

Namely, your lower back.

I destroyed my body on Monday by stubbornly opting to do the following:

* Lifting a dishwasher, by myself, onto a mat and moving it out of the kitchen.
* Somehow maneuvering / lifting a fridge onto a mat, by myself, and moving it out of the kitchen.
* Moving a gigantic pantry, by myself.
* Sanding the walls.
* Painting the walls.
* Installing new flooring.

All in one day.

It's Wednesday night and I'm only now starting to feel less pain.

Don't try this at home.


4 Oct 2007

Random Life News

So, a post or so ago I mentioned that I would be looking for another job. Another job I did look for. Another job I did find.

Seems like only yesterday I was posting about how I was leaving my old job for a new one. And yet, I've done it again.

I've decided to return to non-profit. While I love the people I worked with, my soul - simply put - was rotting away at the old job. I was just putting WAY too much energy and time and brain juice into ... well, nothing. Some guy's big wallet in Korea, I suppose. So while I wish my former employer well, I wish my new employer much, much better vibes.

Nothing replaces knowing that you're doing good.

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