26 Jan 2008

Greetings From the House of Snot

Ahhh, weekend. Thank Jebus.

This week we’ve been in plagued with illness. Patrick in particular. The walk-in clinic diagnosed him as having some kind of virus – so he’s been acting like a little bitch staying at home to deal with the congestion and feverishness.

He’s been living on the couch all week – dozing, working on the laptop, watching TV, eating the food that I fetch him. He’s been layered in blankets and his hoodie with a mounting collection of stuff (Kleenex boxes, empty bottles of ginger ale, cracker crumbs) gathering around him. Think of a skinnier Jabba the Hut (complete with strings of mucous) and our Ektorp as his platform, and you have what I see in our living room.

Thankfully, among his *cough cough, wimper* requests for soup, Vicks Vapo Rubs and new batteries for the remote, there has not been one for a metal bikini.


15 Jan 2008

I Suck, Part 18

How many times have I restarted this blog? It's probably comparable to the number of diets I've signed up for and only lasted 2 weeks on (again and again and again). My life is just one big Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Well, here I am (for today).

Things new:
* The husband and I are eating healthy, with exception of Tuesday nights (today! RAAAAAA!).
* We're starting to plan for a European vacation in the spring.
* Our kitchen is done. Our bathroom is NOT.
* I'm a good cook. My mother is still better.
* I'm currently in LURVE with 80s yuppie movies.
* I have a GP. For the first time in 8 years.
* Nothing in the world is cuter than my mom saying the word "douche". As in "You haven't updated your blog since you mentioned working with all those .... douches."

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