31 Mar 2009

It's True

We are the lamest generation to grace the planet yet. And I include all the dorks who entered in hula hoop contests in the 50's in that analysis. We are lamer.

Honestly. We have global communication at our fingertips, the ability to tap into all the information in the world and we use it to yap out loud about what we had for breakfast and to snark play-by-plays about TV shows staring Paris Hilton. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?

Now, off to Tweet my blog post and make a new Blip ...


17 Mar 2009

Talking To Myself ... More Than Usual

It looks like my site is still unreadable and unreachable for most people. I can view it, for some strange reason, but no one else can. The tech powers that be are supposedly working on this, but both e-mails they've sent to me indicated that they didn't see a problem. Right. HRMPH.

Not a happy camper.


13 Mar 2009

Test Test, Check Check

There's something very goofy going on with mein blog at the moment, so this post is just to confirm that. And by 'goofy' I mean a weird problem with the technical redirect, not the normal goofy that is my life.


11 Mar 2009

Riddle Me This

Here's a brain teaser!

When someone scores three goals in a night, it is called a hat trick.

When someone dates (or "does") several overweight people in a row, it's called a fat trick.

So, what is it when someone eats SIX hot dogs in one sitting?

Apparently, the answer is a Patrick.

I would have also accepted "disturbing", "toxic" or "carnival sideshow act" as correct answers. Sigh. He's lucky he's cute.

I'm totally going to be in trouble for this post... Thankfully, he's in a food coma right now, so I'm safe for a few hours!


6 Mar 2009

Ridiculous Things That Delight Me

It's eight months old, but I only saw it now. Delighted.

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