31 Mar 2009

It's True

We are the lamest generation to grace the planet yet. And I include all the dorks who entered in hula hoop contests in the 50's in that analysis. We are lamer.

Honestly. We have global communication at our fingertips, the ability to tap into all the information in the world and we use it to yap out loud about what we had for breakfast and to snark play-by-plays about TV shows staring Paris Hilton. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?

Now, off to Tweet my blog post and make a new Blip ...


Alison 8:33 am, April 02, 2009  

hilarious. You find THE BEST videos :)

Chris Bellini 10:08 am, April 04, 2009  

Current, who produces some funny-ass stuff BTW, takes a good shot at those who post the most banal things on Twitter. However, I think the majority of Twitter folks (yourself and myself included) use it to begin and engage in conversations about the things they're interested in professionally and personally. It's like the lobby of a tradeshow or conference that you're attending.

Facebook, on the other hand, is the Mecca of banal announcements. Coincidentally, I have posted a little something about it and the awkwardness that can arises because of it :)

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