1 Jan 2007

Hello, Goodbye

For me, 2006 was:
* Getting engaged
* Buying a home
* Work stress
* Acid reflux (see above)
* Parents retiring
* Realizing I HAVE to exercise. Sob.
* Boosting charitable donations
* Celebrity coochies
* Re-affirming that all-inclusive resorts are the best ever

2007 looks to be:
* Planning wedding
* Getting married
* The Rebirth of Grunge (maybe? It's due. Please? I'm feeling lazy and cheap and want to roll into work in a ripped shirt and pj bottoms. Just once.)
* Abandoning simple carbs
* Gym bunniness
* Leaving work at work
* No longer being terrified of the idea of starting la famille (GAH - ok, maybe a bit terrified)
* Me YouTubing Patrick's snoring


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