31 Aug 2005

It Burns! It Burns! But Apparently You Knew That Already.

That would be the skin on my inner thighs thanks to two days in a row that I walked home from work in a skirt during warm weather.

Tiny, fiery, rashy bumps have now appeared where my thighs rub (sexy, ain’t it?) and the burning that is happening it really unbelievable. As in, I am icing my groin right now.

For some reason, this is one of those body phenomena that women seldom admit to one another because they think they’re the only person that experiences a Fire Between Her Legs That Has Nothing To Do With Sex Or An STD. It is, however, common – and a condition that is not exclusively the bane of ‘big girls’. I brought it up during lunch with a group of women (who consisted of all shapes and sizes) and they looked at me as if I had freed them from a sin or something.

The truth has set them free. Perhaps this product from the lovely people at Monistat (who understand all womanly embarrassing things) will as well.


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