13 Dec 2005

More Gym = Weight Gain?

What the bloody hell?

Despite hectic and long work days, I have managed to drag myself to the gym 3x a week. In addition to this, I've been bringing lunches to work in the form of Lean Cuisines and other calorie-aware frozen chemicals.

And what happens?


And not just 0.5 lbs here, or there. LIKE 8 LBS. THAT ARE STAYING. LIKE BITCHES THAT CAN'T TAKE A HINT.

I'm so annoyed. It's not like I can try to dismiss it as muscle growth either. I'm mainly just doing cardio at the gym, plus, whenever I do weights it's not impressive. It's more like I'm casually grazing on the weight equipment like a cow, not totally sure of what I should be doing or if I should put a solid effort into whatever it is I'm trying.


I'm going home to visit the parents this Xmas. I love them, but they ALWAYS notice if I've put on pounds. So. Not. What. I. Want. To. Deal. With.

And what annoys me most: It's that I'm consumed by this. How stupid. Of all things to fret about, eight pounds has my attention? I haven't even bothered to care about those poor hostages in whatever middle-eastern country. That's how bad I suck! I don't even know where the silly wankers are, but I do know how many ounces I am!


Anonymous,  9:42 pm, December 13, 2005  

Welcome to my world, girlie. People will do the "You need to eat to boost your metabolism, blah blah blah, eat more protein, do interval training, I never use the treadmill, muscle weighs more than fat, as long as your clothes fit fine don't worry about it" to you when really all you want to do is die.

First of all, I saw you a week ago and thought you were a hottie.

Secondly, the only way for either of us to lose weight is to be contestants on Survivor.

I have been exercising as usual 4-5x weekly, and I think I'm actually eating less because work has suddenly become crazy busy and grazing is impossible when holding a tube of someone's blood in your hand. And yet, a gain.

Patrick must be feeding you butter in your sleep!


Very Hungry

Foxy Renard 10:09 pm, December 13, 2005  

Hah, I am also feeling your pain. After working so bloody hard to lose the few pounds I've lost in the last month, I went to that stupid work party and a family get-together and today? Up again. I also feel your pain on the shameful vanity of this obsession. Bah.

Jen(nnn) 10:15 am, December 16, 2005  

Hi. I found your blog through some accidental link surfing.

Just wanted to a) say that your blog is totally funny and I have been thoroughly entertained whilst reading the few random entries that I've happened upon, and b)say hello so that you don't think I'm some crazy person who has linked your blog in my blog because I want to pretend I know you or something creepy like that. (I ensure you that is not the case!)

Anyhoo... I've been calorie reducing, and doing daily yoga without seeing any results. Now I've moved onto calorie reducing, keeping up with my daily yoga AND have added in cardio 3-4x a week... only to see my friggin scale stuck on the same number for the past two weeks. I feel your pain. Maybe if I lose my sanity I'll drop a couple of pounds?

(also NEVER Jenn, but sometimes Jen(nnn) just to be sarcastic)

Jen 5:24 pm, December 18, 2005  

Oh Val - you lie. But thank you.

Thanks Fithchick - I may take you up on that. I think Patrick MIGHT get me weight training sessions at the gym for the holidays ... but we'll see.

Thanks for your comments Jen (also never Jenn)! Glad you stumbled across me!

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