10 May 2007

Maybe They Should Make A FaceFamily?

So, in case I haven't mentioned it, I'm planning our wedding.

We decided early on that we would invite our extended family, up to the first-cousin level. We also made a decision that we wouldn't pick-and-choose relatives within this scope but invite them all. Nice, fair, feelings intact, and no one's left out. Aunt and Uncle [Pretentious Wankers]* remain oblivious and Cousin [Even GRANDPA doesn't like you]* still feels the love.

This theoretically works unless you are marrying Patrick. You see, until a few recent Facebook Friendship Requests, Patrick had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN THE EXISTENCE OF AT LEAST THREE COUSINS. Now, I have cousins that speak a different language than me, cousins that I'm two decades older than, cousins that I've met only a small handful of times ... and they are most definitely on the invite list. Patrick's cousins, on the other hand, live in the same province, speak the same language, are the same age and share memories of summers spent racing each other on BMX bikes. And yet he forgets.

I have now had to resort to going through our list, pointing to the name of his aunt or uncle and quizzing Patrick on their reproductive histories. We haven't even gone through the entire list yet, and we're already looking at SEVEN new people now.

Le sigh.

* Sidenote: I know a few of my family members read this, and be assured, I'm all too pleased to invite you and am looking forward to seeing you. Really! And Grandpa does indeed like you. At least, I think so. It's sometimes hard to tell.


Foxy Renard 5:52 pm, May 12, 2007  

This is really, really funny.

Dave's family history was super-mysterious during wedding planning time as well. Only I was like "Please invite them all!" and he was like "Nah, just the ones we're close to." Then I spent the next nearly five years meeting relatives it [i]appears[/i] he's close-ish to as I've met them a few times now, only I'd never heard of at that time. And then I get the "Oh, we saw your wedding pictures at Laurie's. Looks like it was a beautiful time..."

The horror.

Irene 7:06 pm, May 13, 2007  

Men. Le Sigh.

While I'd managed to invite all my cousins, not all of Dave's family got invites. Some he's never met, and quite frankly, his parents haven't spoken to them in 30 years, plus they live on a different continent. The chances of Dave ever meeting them for the first time is pretty slim.

Anonymous,  10:19 pm, May 14, 2007  

I have to say that that I feel your pain...and I laughed myself silly over this last entry!! Glad to see that I'm not alone in the random 1st cousin-ish family invite dilemma! I'll wish you luck, if you'll wish it on me too!!!

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