19 Aug 2007



It's been over a month since my last post. Being married is just so, so time consuming, you see.

Stuff has been on the go - like the following:
* Went on our honeymoon to Las Vegas. Managed to avoid Celine Dion. Had a crazy good time.
* Visited Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon. Have the mosquito bites to prove it.
* Chopped off my hair! (Well, not myself, but my Aunt Laura did)
* Began the process of renovating the kitchen by visiting our furniture and decor mothership, IKEA. I cannot wait to bid the ugliness of our current kitchen goodbye.
* Destroyed all the good things I had done for my body. Now starting those good habits back up. Sigh.
* Decided to actively look for another job as the current one was making my hair fall out and my teeth disfigured from all the clenching.

So, that is the thrill that is my life.


Anonymous,  11:27 pm, August 22, 2007  


I'm here... i just don't know why, but i'm here anyway.

I'm from Argentina. I had studied english so many years but now I decided to move on (?) and I'm learning german.

I was thinking and it's a very strange situation.. Finding a comment like this, isn't it?

(I'm really sorry if my english isn't good enough!)

The world is a strange place to live... It's so big! And that makes me scared sometimes...

We're all living ours lives and it's easy to forget that we're just another person in the universe!

I don't know... I'm sorry... I just can not handle what I'm saying. My english is bad!

And studing german makes me so confused!

I just wanted to make you know that there's someone at the other side of the world who wants to wish you luck :)

kisses! xoxoxox (?) (it's something like that I think..)

From Córdoba, Argentina.

(Si hablas español se facilitaría muchisimo más, pero no soy pretenciosa. Saludos!)

Blog: http://cortisimometraje.blogspot.com/



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