28 Feb 2008

The Internet Never Fails To Impress Me

When you were a kid and didn't have to deal with stressy questions of life, you had time to mull those not-so-important questions over, like:

* Why do only Smurfette and Papa Smurf have hair?
* How come Goofy, the dog, can be Mickey's friend and drive a car, but Pluto, the dog, is Mickey's pet?
* Can Jon Arbuckle actually HEAR what Garfield is saying?

That last question has been given a twist by the owner of Garfield Without Garfield - who edits the Garfield comics to completely remove the unfunny cat. The result is a glipse of what Jon Arbuckle's non-hearing-Garfield life is really like.

Mad props to Bunny LaPin of Hitched for bringing this beautiful website to my attention.


Anonymous,  5:41 pm, February 29, 2008  

Just knowing that this garfield minus garfield exists somehow makes the world a better place.

-the stink

Anonymous,  4:38 am, September 01, 2020  

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