20 Feb 2009

Goodbye, AdSense. Hello, Alphabetty.

A few months ago, I decided to test out AdSense on my blog. It sat there next to my posts and embarrassingly promoted "related" content like erectile dysfunction pills, Obama coin collections and Acai berry weight loss miracles. You know, all that good stuff that I'm known to write about ad nauseam.

Anyway, SURPRISINGLY no one was clicking on the ads and I was tired of seeing them, so they're outta here. Plus, I'm not big on using my site to promote stuff ...

...except stuff like ME!

* Tired of having to think?
* Is the boss making you update that darn website again?
* Do your fingers trip over themselves when using those frustrating keyboards?

Then you need a Snuggie freelance writer!
* Compact!
* Whisper Quiet!
* Space Age Design!
* Affordable!
* Marketing, writing, PR - all in one!


But, yes. I'm finally getting around to promoting Alphabetty. I have samples of my work up if you want to take a look (although some of my really good stuff isn't there - I've had to sign some non-disclosure agreements for a few clients that don't want others to know that they've had to contract out their clever.). Since I work from home, I can pretty much be hired by people all over the place, not just Toronto ... so ... yes, please do exactly that, visitors from the interwebs, hire this girl! The *magics* of my writing, like the type you're reading right now, can be yours - learn how today!

Ugh - self-promotion. Back to the self-deprecation, says I!


Anonymous,  11:15 am, February 21, 2009  

I love your style of writing - I think you'll do very well with Alphabetty! Good luck!

Shaina Dsuza 6:54 am, February 06, 2020  

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