30 Apr 2009

Scarier Than The Swine Flu

So tired of this lame panic over the Hamthrax scare swine flu. Rather than rant about it, I decided to create a fear cloud to demonstrate all the things that are actually worthy of worry and alarm:


Anonymous,  11:27 pm, April 30, 2009  

Hahaha. You're right - some of those ARE terrifying!

Anonymous,  12:41 am, May 01, 2009  

Ha ha ha ha.

Now That's funny!

A child with a harmonica!

You are one cheeky monkey!

New Wife 7:49 pm, May 01, 2009  

hahahaha ... NIckleback fans are TERRIFYING!!

Little J,  6:05 pm, May 02, 2009  

Fear Cloud! Hamthrax! This post is gold!

Christie 11:57 pm, May 08, 2009  

Agreed on the orange flavoured chocolate, Jen - and the "dating the octomom" one nearly caused me to spit out my water.


Emily,  6:33 am, October 29, 2010  

Simply READING "Spiders and snakes in clown makeup riding sharks" made me do a quick perimeter eye-swipe and the willies at the same time. Then I laughed at my ridiculousness.

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