8 Jan 2010

The Story of Stuff & A Hippie In The Making

Like most people, I covet things. I wouldn't consider myself to be super materialistic, but I do certainly have a few special items that I'd like to buy and I probably spend a little too much time thinking about those things rather than just being happy with what I have and more importantly, enjoying and fostering relationships.

Some stuff that I'm currently daydreaming about include:

  • A better juicer (a Hurom Slow Juicer to be exact)
  • A better camera (not sure which one .... still stalking)
  • Some better paint & canvases (a hobby)
  • A better shade of interior paint for our living room (I'm thinking of going grey with it)
  • A Whiffer (an aromatherapy necklace. Heh)
See how many things on that list include the word "better"? In other words, I already have versions of these things, I'm just intent on upgrading. Perhaps you can relate (maybe you want a better cell phone? A better iPod? A better computer? A better pair of boots? A better stove?)?

Anyway, I was online doing some research for an article I'm writing when I happened upon The Story of Stuff. I love the rapid-fire but simple style of this presentation and it really hit home. See for yourself:

Ah, how timely that this comes after a post about buying a Playstation 3 on a whim (but let it be known we didn't trash our DVD player - it's just now with the TV in the bedroom) ... le sigh.

I think that with the exception of food, standard bills and a few necessary household products (musn't skimp on the toilet paper), I'm going to try to not buy anything for the rest of the month and see how that goes. Eeee?


2 Jan 2010

Why I'm The Best Wife Ever, Reason #7891

Here's the conversation we had today:

Patrick: Hey, I'm home!

Me: Hi. Did you get it?

Patrick: Yes - yes I did. Your special Star Trek DVD, coming right up.

*He pulls the purchase out the bag and hands it to me.*

Me: Ummm ... you bought the Blu Ray version.

Patrick: WHAT? AHHHH. Crap. Uuuugh - I'll go back and return it.

Me: Or ....

Patrick: Or?

Me: Or instead of exchanging it, we just buy a Playstation 3. It has Blu Ray.

Patrick: ....

Patrick: Really?

Me: Go for it. Merry Christmas!

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