9 Mar 2010

Why My Blog Has Abandonment Issues

*Creeps in tentatively*

Hi there, Bloggy. My, you look so handsome. I forgot how handsome you were. I think you've grown a bit, too.

I know momma's been gone for two months, but I'm back.

Do you still love me, Bloggy? Can I have a hug?

I know I messed up, Bloggy. I didn't give you the content you needed, but I'm going to try better this time. I'm going to try to be the momma you deserve.

I wrote to you nearly every day. Did you get my Tweets?

Momma never stopped loving you, Bloggy.

We're gonna to be a real family now. I ain't never leaving you again. I know I said that before, but I mean it this time, Bloggy. I really mean it.

Please say you believe momma, Bloggy.

Do you? Oh, Bloggy, come give momma another hug.


Sherri,  9:33 pm, March 09, 2010  

This cracked me up. Momma and Bloggy!

Anonymous,  11:34 am, March 10, 2010  

You're back! Finally!

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