21 May 2010

Overheard While Cleaning the Open Street-Facing Window

I shit you not ...

Bay Street A-Hole: Hey, look, you can see those people's cleaning lady.

Other Guy: We've been thinking of getting one.

Bay Street A-Hole: If you spoke Spanish or Portuguese or some shit you could just ask Louisa Consuela Margarita over there what her schedule's like.

Both: *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*

(and, yes, they were referring to me.)


Teresa 3:15 pm, May 21, 2010  

Gee Jen, I hope you had your clothes on THIS time!

Foxy Renard 6:30 pm, May 21, 2010  

What the fug! Did you yell something back?!

Unknown 7:03 pm, May 21, 2010  

You've GOT to stop posting stuff that makes me laugh until I hurt. It hurts.

Jen 2:04 pm, May 22, 2010  

Thanks again for the comments!

Teresa: I was in my dress and apron (and a rag on my head - that may have sealed it, actually).

Foxy Renard: No, I didn't yell anything. By the time they were laughing, they were walking away and I would have become "That Crazy Lady Who Yells Out Windows" to everyone else on the street.

Joe: It's a good hurt!

Anonymous,  3:39 pm, March 02, 2014  

I laughed so hard and loud. I even yelled expletives this was so funny!!

Anonymous,  3:54 pm, August 25, 2016  

umm, you were cleaning. sounds like you dont know the neighbors or they would have known you were not the cleaning person. does not sound like it was because of your race.

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