21 Jun 2013

This Post Is Pretty Much Just Videos

... because words don't quite describe how great things are right this second.

This is me right now:

Totally happy, with exactly zero fucks to give.

Why? Because 2012, the year that shat on my chest after eating at a questionable taco stand, now finally feels over. I know it's June 2013, but it's taken this long to clean up that whole mess. Today, I can say:

  • I just got paid by two clients whom I had been waiting on forever.
  • I'm gainfully employed and officially start full-time on Monday.
  • The house is securely in my name only, and I'm on a mission to destroy its mortgage.
  • I got a judge-approved divorce order. D-Day becomes official in a couple weeks.

And so I say:




(As you can see, my happy place embarrassingly resides in the pop culture wasteland of 1990 - 1992.)

Have an awesome weekend - I know I will!

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