3 Jan 2006

Back To It

Today marked the first day back to work. Good lord, it was hard to crawl out of bed and make my way to the subway this morning. There are some people that just LOVE working so much that even if they won a million dollars they'd still have a job because they'd otherwise be bored. Totally. Not. Me.

I do have a vacation to look forward to: Mexico! In February we're going for a week with my extended family as a bit of a reunion. While I'm so, so, so keen on it, I'm also so, so, so terrorized by the thought of being in a bathing suit. In recognition of that, I'm swearing off all booze and sugars until the trip. Pray for me.


Foxy Renard 9:02 pm, January 04, 2006  

Hm, I feel your pain. You know what's weird here? EVERYONE wears a bikini. Like, I'm talking everyone but the grandmothers. I feel like a weird old person in my regular one-piece, so have been relying on my tankini (which I secretly still fear is a maternity suit, but whatev, I own it now). What's up with that? I demand answers.

PS: I'll give up the booze with you. I fear it's a huge contributing factor to my non-diminishing waistline. Har.

PPS: Good luck! You shall surely kick ass!

Jen 10:04 pm, January 04, 2006  

You'll give up booze? Even at work? Where will we get our good campaign ideas from now? Mwah.

Enjoy your margaritas and materity suit while you can!

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