28 Jan 2006

Me & My Big Mouth

Guess who gets to have a root canal?

Yeehaw - it's me! That cavity I had filled back in the fall has come back from the dead and is haunting my tooth via sensitivity to all things hot, which is annoying seeing as I like to cook my food. My dentist is arranging for a specialist to do it. I assume this is because mine might be 'difficult'. Excellent.

Naturally, when I heard "root canal" I went straight to the source - Google Images. Anyone else curious as to what a root canal entails might want to click. These images not only showed me the horror of this procedure but also taught me that dental dams are actually dental-related and not just a universally ignored tool for safe sex.

Because I have to go to a specialist means that I'm going to have to fork over some of my own money. It got me thinking that perhaps it's time to consider investing a little into my smile. Seeing as I'm willing to pay money to have someone drill into my tooth and scrape its pulp out, why not spend a bit of cash on something nice? Obviously, I'd need a consultation and stuff first, but I'm looking into straightening my teeth and getting them whitened.

I'm particularly interested in seeing if I could get Invisalign. It's this clear mold of your teeth that gradually pressure them (you get new molds every two weeks) into the proper position. Totally expensive, but they sure look better than the traditional traintrack method.

My vanity knows no bounds.


Anonymous,  11:17 am, January 29, 2006  

i hear your pain... i've been avoiding the dentist because i dread going only to find out that there's something really wrong that's going to hurt like a mofo...

i looked into Invisalign a few years ago... it wasn't that much more expensive than traditional braces... i didn't get them, though... in all honesty, i actually kind of like the old braces as a fashion statement... you know, like Gwen Stefani did a few years back

Anonymous,  11:18 am, January 29, 2006  


Katie 5:23 pm, February 09, 2006  

I have nightmares about root canals. Gah.

I hope you're covered and those invisi-brace things look really cool!

Unknown 3:06 am, December 02, 2007  

Root canals dont hurt any more than getting a cavity drilled. It's a major misconception that they are horrible experiences.

They just take longer than an appointment for a cavity. :/

Hope it goes well for you!

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