25 Feb 2006

She's Alive!

For anyone that ever checks on this blog - my apologies. Laziness, travel, busy-ness, work and pure hatred of looking at a computer screen all contributed to the recent derailment of my blogging.

But I'm here to update today! Since I've been been away from this page, the following things have happened:

* Left the country twice
* Drank silly amounts of tequila (I heart tequila)
* Started to see some baby arm muscles in development (down 2% bodyfat! ... Well, before my holiday, anyway - ha)
* Celebrated my grandfather's 85th birthday with nearly 40 family members
* Set a new personal record in pain by staying at work until nearly 1am
* Encountered the disturbing experience of Amerian Airlines "service" (the words 'service' is to be read by channeling SNL-era David Spade and his use of finger quotes)
* Got a laptop from work and a snazzy bag to put it in
* Went to Mexico and didn't get murdered
* Slept on a bed that was so hard, I swear it came straight out of a Flintstones cartoon
* Experienced the thrill of what is known as a "breakfast dessert" in McKinney, TX in the form of a blackberry cobbler. Have since incorporated the concept into everyday life
* Missed my friend Anissa's birthday (Happy belated! See you tonight!)
* Stayed in a B&B that was decorated in teddy bears and an unhealthy use of the colour pink
* Was called "Ma'am" by various southerns and quite liked it
* Came home from Mexico to realize that my poor boss-lady had to get her appendix out and had to recover in hospital/at home while I was away
* In conjuction with that last point, opened my e-mail to find 237 new messages after only having been gone for a week
* Patrick has successfully wooed my dad's side of the family and has been noted by aunts as "a good catch"
* Purchased more personal training sessions
* Have sourced out a possible massage therapist / chiropractor (thanks Erin!) to deal with the continually degrading back and neck issues
* Have had crazy cravings for smoked salmon lately
* Was charmed by the various towel creations left by our chambermaid, Ruben
* Got invited to my old work's Party at the Curling Rink (they're soo fun) - but I'm having to decline (extreme sadness)
* Am quite exceptionally tanned

Pics from Meh-he-ko will follow shortly!


Foxy Renard 12:12 pm, February 26, 2006  

I love that pink photo. Also, I will be continuing to demand more Mexico photos 'til you post them. Patiennnnnnnce, Jenny.

Not you Jenny. You know, that Canadian heritage commercial? "Dr. McFarland!"



Anyway, yay to you finally blogging again.

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