14 May 2006

I Wanna Dance!

I am the proud new owner of Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix - a game whose target market is younger than a unified Germany. And yet, it is in my giddy possession, a person who is old enough to remember Robin Williams as Mork as opposed to the voice of Genie.

I can play the game on 'easy' level, but once I put it to 'average' it gets much, much harder and I end up just randomly stamping on the mat, much to our downstairs neighbour's horror. This is part of the reason why I don't go to the step classes at my gym. The other reason I don't do step classes is because the instructor has not caught onto sportswear-chic and wears an actual leotard to teach. Disturbing.

My moves and my generation's pop culture legacy are put to shame by the comic in this clip. Most people have seen this already, but I love it:

There could probably be an entire video of bad dance moves circa 1987 - 1992 as this site demonstrates.


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