1 Jul 2006

Black Out!


Yet another instance of me blacking out entirely when it comes to blogging despite major excitement in the two most important aspects of my blogging life: my dental health and public transit.

On the dental front, I was the recipient of some very thrilling periodontic surgery. It's just one chapter in the continuing saga of The Cavity Gone Bad. It was pretty gruesome. The periodontist, Dr Caudry, is very nice and professional - but at one point, as she was making small talk while tearing the gums away from my teeth, she lifted one of the tools into my sight-line and it was far from pretty. This highly medieval, twisted piece of metal was not only scary but was absolutely coated and dripping with my blood. It took all my energy to turn my bulging eyes from the evil thing in her hand and pretend that said evil thing was not returning to my mouth to do more damage.

On the transit front, we had a wildcat strike! (Note: "Wildcat" is to be read in a voice similar to a radio station announcer for an 80s metal station.) Contrary to what Toronto's media chose to show, people I knew were not the least bit angry or put out by this. In fact, the strike was met by my friends' unbridled joy at the prospect of not having any way of getting to work and work not being able to blame them for not showing up. Cue the tearing off of shirts and screaming WOOOOOO while running to the nearest liquor-based establishment. I, however, got to sit in my hot, hot apartment, working at home thanks to the "joy" of e-mail and VPN. Le sigh.

Along with my two favourite topics lots has gone on in life, but I will save that for another post once everything gets even more cemented. Exciting indeed! Rather than leave you on a cliff hanger, I will tame your hearts with a much loved photo of Bill Gates from Tiger Beat Magazine circa 1983:


Anonymous,  11:51 pm, July 01, 2006  

mmmh... Gates-y.... oh so suave!

Anonymous,  8:20 pm, July 06, 2006  

best photo ever

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