30 Apr 2007

My Friends Are Effen (Vodka) Awesome

I was recently treated to a lovely party, hosted by my lovely maids in honour of my lovely singledom coming to an end.

Some brides have kitchen showers where they get little cookery gadgets to make meals filled with love. Others have lingerie showers where they get lacy skiviies to keep things hot in the bedroom. Some women are treated to everyday household items to make their house a home.

Yawn, I say, yawn.

Not this bride! Clearly, my friends know me exceptionally well and know exactly what fuels my relationship with Patrick and will be the key to our success as a couple:

Weeeeee!!!! Copious amounts of booze!

My "fill-the-bar" party was a fun success, mostly due to the hardworkin' hosting of Will, Anissa and Jacquelyn. So - thank you, my dearests!

The next party is clearly at my place.


16 Apr 2007

"Jen Needs"

... just following along like a little lamb.

A popular blog / Facebook game is to do the following:

1. Go to Google.ca
2. Including the quotey marks, type in "YOURNAME needs" (in my case, it's "Jen needs")
3. Take the top five results and post them.

I've done this, but taken out the ones where some other Jens had done this exact game. So, here it is, just what I need!:

Jen needs to have a session or two with a therapist.
Jen needs a break.
Jen needs to find a self righteous, conspicuous "I'm better than you" charitable position so she can keep charming the sheep into thinking she matters a rat's ass, like Scangalina did.
4. Jen needs your help ...
5. Jen needs human anatomy lessons.

I should note that at least two of these are in reference to the Jen with the last name of Aniston.

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