19 May 2007

Relaxation Interrupted

Today we discovered our condo's rooftop patio (just re-opened yesterday!). It's a wonderful thing - it has some pretty flowers, two beautiful BBQs, deck chairs, patio sets - all so nice. A total urban escape! We live in the downtown core of Toronto among very tall buildings, so while our view from the 9th floor patio was very nice, one can only imagine what the view would be from the 24-floor building next to us. In any case, I'm not complaining. Yay patio!

After my morning's workout, we opted to check it out. Put on some yummy tropical-like sun lotion, grabbed my copy of Chatelaine (my god, this magazine is good), sunglasses and a protein shake and headed up. Awesomeness.

Until ... the phobia kicked in.

I've never discussed this, but ever since 9-11, I've had "a thing". Not crippling, mind you ... just ... a thing. Like most people, I was effected by 9-11 in the usual ways: gutted feelings of horror, a constant nausea that followed me for about two weeks straight, walking around feeling like just a shell of you was left ... Anyway, once that initial stuff passed, I was ok. I went on flights. I took elevators up tall buildings. I visited New York. It was all fine. Didn't bother me.

One thing, though, still gets my spine tingly ... my throat clenched ... anxiety shooting through me: a low-flying plane. Or at least, what I perceive to be a low-flying plane. For whatever reason, I feel like I'm about to witness the plane going into a building. My workplace is near an airport, so I deal with these sightings constantly. Gradually, I've gotten better.

But today did me in.

Imagine, if you will, you are in a downtown area filled with supremely tall buildings, all surrounding you. Coincidently, you also happen to live near an area where tourists can gather. To watch things. LIKE AIRSHOWS.


Even Patrick yelped when one of them came in, I swear, down our street, making a big u-turn in our faces. It didn't help one bit that a few of these were WWII bombers - because if I could have a Number 2 Phobia, it would probably be Nazis. Nazis in low flying air planes cruising by my head = Jen's heart shitting itself.

We Googled, and this was just a practice day for those in an airshow. I will certainly be in my room, rocking myself gently in a corner when the real deal goes on.


Foxy Renard 10:33 pm, May 19, 2007  

Re: Chatelaine, I told you so!

Re: low-flying planes, hah, they scare the living daylights out of me every time too. Evil.

paiiige 10:42 pm, May 22, 2007  

on my plane this weekend the live seat back tv played a news report about a plane emergency landing nose dive complete with plane-tip-hitting-pavement footage.

before we took off.


Jennjilla 8:58 pm, May 24, 2007  

Wow, low-flying planes freak me out, too! I think it came from 9/11 as well, watching the plane fly into the building was a pretty tramautic event...

Anyway...I know this is totally random, but I was doing that google search thing where you put your name and then "needs" after it...and I found your blog discussing it! I'm a Jenn, too...but never a Jen. I laughed when I read your blog title. Anyway...if you want to chit chat with a random Jenn from Texas - give me a shout. I'm not crazy, I promise. I am slightly sleep deprived at the moment courtesy of my 3 month old, but...not crazy. Hope to hear from ya....seanjennhutch@sbcglobal.net

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