19 Sept 2008

V is for Very Funny

When someone can poke fun of themselves, my like-factor for them always increases. It's probably why Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will likely always remain in my good books, no matter how many Giglis or Pearl Harbors they make. (Hmmm, those are all Ben examples - maybe someone should be running the scripts by his buddy Matt before signing on to shit). So, when a company manages to do this - somehow convincing 'top people' to not take their marketing sooo seriously - I want to become that company's girlfriend. And not just any girlfriend, the best kind of girlfriend - the girlfriend you are at the very beginning of a relationship. The kind that doesn't say "HA. RIGHT." at the suggestion of a blow-job.

A viral video by Verizon officially has me ready to break out the knee pads. We've all seen the Verizon Network commercials, yes? See what happens when Verizon decides to prank an unsuspecting customer with a public reenactment of their ad campaign:

Love it.

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