18 Jun 2009

Best. E-mail. Ever.

Semi-recently, I mentioned on the blog that I was expanding my writing services to include online dating profiles. I've actually been doing them for longer than that but really only got organized about it this spring.

Last week, I received this note from a former client I worked with in the fall. I'm such a dork, but this makes me feel so, so happy. I feel like some kind of "Love Doctor" TV character. Admittedly, it would be the most boring show ever if it didn't get any "TV wackiness" injected into it. Otherwise, it would look something like this:

* Scene 1: Jen sits in bed with her laptop.
* Scene 2: Jen gets up to use the washroom.
* Scene 3: Jen is back in bed, typing.
* Scene 4: Jen melts some cheese on a plate and eat it with a fondue fork.(TV AUDIENCE CHEERS)
* Scene 5: Jen is back on her laptop and attaches a Word doc to an e-mail.
* Scene 6: Jen zones out for a while.
* Scene 7: Jen considers having a shower. Jen rejects idea.

Where was I? Oh, right. SOMETHING ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE. Names have been edited for privacy.

Subject: Plans for June 2010?


I'm sure - well - hope! - you remember me. In September, you helped me take my ho-hum Lavalife profile and turn it into a real representation of who I was and who I was looking for. It was great working with you and I knew right away the profile was perfect. You really nailed who I was, something I hadn't been able to do despite trying the online dating thing for a couple years.

Well, guess who's engaged? :) !! I proposed to Alice, who I met all of a week after posting perfected-by-Jen profile, two days ago. I can't thank you enough. Without your help, I don't think I would have stood out among everyone else and got my chance to get to know the greatest girl I've ever met.

Maybe it's weird to e-mail you, but I really felt like you should know because while the relationship is mine and Alice, you played a part in it getting started. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


* Scene 8: Jen is all gushy and happy.

Congratulations Ted & Alice! So thrilled for you!


Anonymous,  11:27 am, June 20, 2009  

That is so sweet!

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