6 Jul 2009

Insight From The Political Pundits From Buffalo

Near St. Lawrence Market as a double-decker bus is being loaded with tourists:

Mr. Fanny Pack: She's onto bigger and better - just you wait - come 2012, it will be Mrs. President!

Mrs. Fanny Pack: I'm hoping and praying you're right. If a talent like that gets driven away by the socialist agenda ... *shakes head in disgust*

Mr. Fanny Pack: Sarah Palin is not scared of nobody - but the world is scared of her. Now, THAT'S a REAL American leader!


John Tyrrell 6:34 pm, July 06, 2009  

Great. Now I know why Fox news does so well.

BeeGee,  9:12 am, July 07, 2009  

Now that's scary. I hope they're in the minority of how Americans feel about Sarah Palin.

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