28 Oct 2009

An Imaginary Conversation

Woman walks into her home carrying her gym bag. Her husband hears her and walks over:

Husband: Hey, honey. You're back sooner than I thought you'd be.

Wife: Really? I, uh, went to the gym like normal.

Husband: I don't think you've even been gone 20 minutes?

Wife: Uh ... well, part of the gym was ... uh ... closed ... so I just did a core workout.

Husband: It must have been a quick one - you barely look like you broke a sweat.

Wife: What are you implying? Are you suggesting I didn't go the gym? I wouldn't pack my gym stuff, leave here, go the gym and just turn around and come home!

Husband: Whoa! I just ...

Wife: You just nothing!I was at the gym! I went in the gym! I worked out! STOP TREATING ME LIKE A CRIMINAL!

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