16 Mar 2011

The Oatmeal Book Giveaway! Also: Cartooning Ain't Easy

The Oatmeal is a favourite non-porn website of mine. Cartoonist Matthew Inman likes to take everyday things (and some completely bizarro things that only exist in his head) and turn them into clever comic panels that brim with absurdity, social commentary and unexpected humour. He tackles everything from the tragic life of the male angler fish to handwriting abilities to explaining what it means when you use the word "literally" - like in this example:

If you cruise the website, you'll quickly discover why The Oatmeal is so popular and why the lucky bastard got a book deal out of it. The Oatmeal: 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (And Other Useful Guides) was released recently and has already appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list. I've heard that's a good thing.

Delirious with jealousy, I've decided to give socially-relevant cartooning a go as to secure my own book deal. Here are my attempts at creating cool visuals to capture my hip observations:
Hmm. Ok. Honest ... but not really what I originally had in mind ...

Getting better ... sort of ...

Ah, yes. Edgy, edgy stuff, Jen. Seinfeld will be calling you shortly.

Hot, sexy, contemporary. And it's funny because its it's true.

Well, it's on the pulse of what's happening with the kids today. Let the book offers roll in!

Clearly, cartooning ain't easy, so let's give credit where it's due, yes? And while we're doing that, let's give you something, too! The nice people at Simon & Schuster Canada are giving away one copy of The Oatmeal's new book to a lucky Jen But Never Jenn reader (and if you know anything about my readership, it means your odds are really good to win this).

The book contains many of the cartoons that are available online, but it also includes 27 new! comics! plus a poster! Whose home couldn't use a poster? Our copy (compliments of the publisher) has been on our coffee table for the last few days and has been well thumbed-through and enjoyed by guests wanting to escape the banality of our company.Our friends have all left our home thinking we entertained them thoroughly, when really all the credit goes to this book and their own literacy skills. Thank you, The Oatmeal.

To enter in this random draw, please leave a comment in this post by TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2011, 6 PM EST. Write anything you like, even expletives. Especially expletives. You'll need to include some way that I can contact you, should you win, such as your e-mail address, linking your name to your website, or telling me how we're related (hi, dad!).

This contest is only open to Canadians, eh (sorry, not my rules!), so Americans, please do the American thing and indulge your capitalist nature by buying a copy of The Oatmeal: 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (And Other Useful Guides). You won't regret it! Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. There are a bunch of reviews on Amazon that back me up on this one.


Andrea,  11:39 am, March 16, 2011  

"expletives" (:


Unknown 11:46 am, March 16, 2011  

I'd forkin love a copy! I love oatmeal -- err, TheOatmeal

Karen 11:51 am, March 16, 2011  

You crack me up, Jen. I keep going back to look at your comics and I keep laughing at them.

Lidia LF 12:22 pm, March 16, 2011  

Please please please let me freakin win. Ps. Your site is pretty dang cool. We're twitter friends! @Lidia_LF - is that a good method of contact?

Anonymous,  12:37 pm, March 16, 2011  

I'm wearing a tuke, does that count as being Canadian?

psychsarah,  12:41 pm, March 16, 2011  

Do clever comments get preference? If so, I'm screwed.

Thanks for offering a contest open to Canadians. It feels vindicating after all those ones only open to the Americans.

My e-mail is my name @ hotmail.com so you can contact me when I win :)

Sarah aka Kitty 12:42 pm, March 16, 2011  

Sometimes it's like the Oatmeal took little slices of my life, sugar-coated them and made them into cartoons. Also, this may be my fave oatmeal comic: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cat_vs_internet

Ami Marie 1:38 pm, March 16, 2011  

Fabulous giveaway! In lieu of expletives I'll just wish everyone "good luck" :)

Modern Suzie 1:40 pm, March 16, 2011  

I just spent an hour on theOatmeal.com. Not a good idea while at work.


Jonnie (JB) 2:09 pm, March 16, 2011  

After seeing you're cartoons I'm shocked that the book deals aren't rolling in! Your so generous to host this giveaway!


Jessica 2:53 pm, March 16, 2011  

I'd f'n love to win that f'n awesome book. Thanks for the f'n chance dude!

Gah, I just can't bring myself to swear in a public place! I'm such a prude. I think I need The Oatmeal Book to help me get out of my comfort zone ;)

Anonymous,  2:54 pm, March 16, 2011  

Love the subtle Reading Rainbow reference you threw in there. How did you find that sound?

For the entry, I'm at GalaxyGirl at gmail dot com.

Rebecca 3:37 pm, March 16, 2011  

You did say "especially expletives", so... I fucking love The fucking Oatmeal so fucking much :)

My email: xxbetweenxxbreathsxx AT mindless DOT com

Heidi,  5:04 pm, March 16, 2011  

I like anything that is free - but this sounds especially good! If (when) I win I'm the girl that shared a nasty dorm room with you 1st year University.

Unknown 6:58 pm, March 16, 2011  

Your comics will become a meme before long Jen. Also, for expletives:

fuck fuck shit fuck mother fucker.

jenniferbutson@gmail.com :)

Unknown 10:32 pm, March 16, 2011  

Ummm...bugger. Will that do? ;)


Father of the Monkey,  11:08 pm, March 16, 2011  

Tuke? What the f*K is a Tuke?

Damn! I can't bring myself to swear on my D A U G H T E R ' S (wink, wink, say no more) blog.

It is toque by the way, F*k*r.

I recuse myself. I'm not illegible to win. (How's that grammar police?)

hippychic 10:06 am, March 17, 2011  

I fucking love you AND Oatmeal.

Lemur 11:33 am, March 17, 2011  

I want to nominate your dad to win, based entirely on the comment: "It is toque by the way, F*k*r."

Oh, and the cartoons made me laugh, but I am disturbed by your stumpy armed, fanged cartoon self. Ha.

Father of the Monkey,  2:54 pm, March 17, 2011  

I reiterate that I declare myself not eligible to win (but I like illegible better). I would also like to take the opportunity to apologize for the f*c*r remark. God knows Jen can't afford to loose ANY readers.

Anonymous,  5:09 pm, March 17, 2011  

F*K*R O' DaMonkey,

The correct spelling is "lose", not "loose". :)



elsewise 11:04 am, March 18, 2011  

I have The Oatmeal's four grammar posters on my wall at work (I'm an editor). No one looks especially closely, so I can get away with having "If you put an A in "definitely," then you're definitely an A-hole" in my government office.

I would LOVE to have a copy of the book, of course.

Redheaded Ninja,  1:42 am, March 19, 2011  

Double expletives. Love your blog; came across it via a mention on STFU, Parents. Keep up the good work; you made me almost snort milk out of my nose on a couple of occasions in the short while that I've been following. :-)

Redheaded Ninja,  1:44 am, March 19, 2011  

Oh yes and email is frankinstein@shaw.ca


Anonymous,  11:52 am, March 19, 2011  

Triple expletives and mint ice!:D


Hellcat13 3:14 pm, March 21, 2011  

I just lost my carefully crafted motherfucking comment.


I'd still like to win.

Amy M. 3:04 pm, March 22, 2011  

My expletive of choice is going to be FUCKWAD, because I may have used it in a meeting today. In my head. The expletive, not the meeting.

Anyway, I'd love a copy of The Oatmeal book because it will be awesome, and more importantly, my coffee table is currently wobbly.

I also heart the The Jen. But NEVER Jenn.

Kyle 5:54 pm, March 22, 2011  

Last minute fucking entry!

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