26 Mar 2013

Meet The New Boy In My Life

I've become pretty darn lousy at this blog upkeep thing ... and I'm not sure if that's about to get worse or better ... because, now, I'm head-over-heels and all-consumed with a special someone.

Meet Huck.

Ah, Huck, the name built for limericks. While you'd think that was my intention, I actually named him after Huckleberry Finn, the Mark Twain character. I was originally going to go with Ponyboy (a la The Outsiders) but the more I've gotten to know this little bugger, the more a Huckleberry he's become. I will, however, always advise this dog to stay gold.

The stats on Huck:
  • He's a rescue from an organization called A.R.F. Ontario.
  • He's just shy of three-months old.
  • We think he's a boxer-shepherd mix, but a few people have pointed out he has some mastiff qualities, too. Bring on the big poops.
  • He's probably about 14 lb. right now with the potential to become a whole lot bigger in the coming months.
  • Napping (complete with feet-wiggling dreams) is a favourite past-time, followed by munching on smoked rawhide bones and hooves, followed by farting.
  • He is not a fan of car rides, the plastic squeaky toy I bought him, or how those poor kids STILL haven't learned how their long-winded dad met their mother, already.
Huck is so sweet, I can barely stand it. He has a lot of nice manners and a willingness to please, but I'll be starting official puppy training next week so that he'll be the dearest and happiest dog on the block.

I'm so in love.


father of the monkey,  1:32 pm, March 26, 2013  

Based his paws I suggested "Fezzik" as a name. Much less subject to limerick abuse but a name you would not want him to grow into.
We are thrilled for you and hope you two will be happy, happy together!

Student Mommy 2:54 pm, March 26, 2013  

Ì love that he has to grow into his head!

Anonymous,  9:15 pm, March 26, 2013  

Nothing cuter than big puppy-paws!

Adrianne in Portland 4:17 am, March 27, 2013  

AW - a perfect pal! We have a boxer shepherd mix rescue - but she's 11. Such a sweetheart - enjoy your new friend.

M. Butterfly 6:41 am, March 27, 2013  

Aw, what a cute boy puppy! I wish you two nothing but happiness together. :-) Animals are great companions. What a sweet face he has!

I smiled when I saw your blog in bold in my Google Reader-- I've really missed your writing! Hope everything is well with you.

E_Hafe,  6:03 pm, March 27, 2013  

This will be the best companion you have! I have always said I like my men like I like my dogs big, dumb, and fun! But we all know the dog is going to be smarter. :)

Jenny 10:06 pm, March 27, 2013  

Upside down sleeping! The SQUEE is strong with this one!

Kate 1:51 pm, April 02, 2013  

SO elated to see a new blog alert from you in my inbox- I have missed you!

Congrats on the adoption of that sweet Huck-pup - he is perfect!!

Alanna S.,  3:36 pm, April 02, 2013  

Thank you for adopting a puppy.

He is adorable.

Enjoy the puppy breath.

Anonymous,  3:02 am, May 10, 2013  

So cute.. But I am going to have to say it even though you probably already noticed that when you are calling your furry friend from down the street or at the park you will sound like you are yelling something that rhymes with Huck...... Too Funny! Hey Huck ! Come here right now! Oh dear ! HAHAHAHA. Maybe Berry works too?

Anonymous,  9:21 pm, May 14, 2013  

Please keep blogging! We missed you!!!

Anonymous,  12:57 pm, May 23, 2013  

More Pics Please!

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