6 Sep 2013

I'm Sorry, I Have A Cold

From Wikipedia: Monty Python
I recently participated in some lame growing-older lady activities, namely looking at antique shops and perusing places that specialize in tea blends.

I realize this puts me just a few steps away from wearing shawls and acquiring multiple cats. I've accepted that.

Anyway, at one shop the elderly woman manning the counter was big on small-talk. After the obligatory mentions of weather and gardening (ah, yes, gardening. It's official: shawls and cats are in my immediate future), our attentions were turned to a noise just outside the store.

There was cheering, chanting, and eventually, a glimpse of what was causing all the fuss (fuss! An old lady term! I should just start stocking up on Fancy Feast now.): some guys were trotting along the sidewalk; not quite goose-stepping, not quite Ukrainian dancing, but doing something confusingly in between. (If I was being literal, I guess that would make what they were doing ... Polish?) It was clearly some kind of stunt brought on by Frosh Week. I deduced this not from a Sherlock Holmesian brilliance, but from the fact they were all wearing T-shirts that had "FROSH 13" written across them. Indubitably.

"Wow," I said to the shopkeeper. "Reminds me of the Ministry of Silly Walks."

She blinked.

"From Monty Python. You know. That sketch," I smiled.

"Oh! Now, there's a name I haven't heard in a while. What else did they do, again?" she asked, keenly.

And then my brain betrayed me, as it always fucking does.


"Ughh," I stammered ....


"Well, they did the one about ..."


"... well, wow, they had so many sketches. And movies. It's hard to pick just one ..."


"They're a funny group from Britain, right?" she said. "I just love British humour! It's so clever. So witty!"

And - finally - a different sketch (something completely different, if you will) came to me.

"I fart in your general direction!" I screamed in her face.

"Oh, yes, right," she politely replied, having no idea what I was talking about.

I really shouldn't ever leave my home.


Anonymous,  11:21 am, September 06, 2013  

Now if you were to never leave your home, how would we be able to have a wee chuckle along with you?! Go out and about and keep the high jinx coming!

elsewise 11:56 am, September 06, 2013  

Just this morning my husband and I confused a friend with a Monty Python reference (we were talking about conformity or something - I did my best British "You are all individuals!" and husband replied "...I'm not!"). We collapsed in giggles and high-fived as she stared at us, befuddled. #lifeofbrian

Jacqui 8:17 am, September 07, 2013  

Love your writing! For me, Monty Python and spam always go together! Dead parrot, I'm a lumberjack, and as Elsewise already mentioned "I'm an individual" are top of mind as well. They did so many great skits didn't they. Of course when put on the spot I probably couldn't think of any either!

Student Mommy 8:12 am, September 17, 2013  

That's not Monty Python! That;s... Elderberries!!! Bollox... Willow... something...bugger.

Student Mommy 8:13 am, September 17, 2013  

Dagnammit! I keep wanting to call for Bunker!

Alanna S,  10:10 am, September 24, 2013  

If that's the case, then I'm an old lady. I love afghans and blankets on the couch and I have 5 cats and use words like 'gobsmacked' and 'fuss' and 'curmudgeon'...

Boyfriend and I were out for lunch the other day. We stuffed ourselves silly. Of course I burst into the Mr Creosote and Waiter sketch in the middle of a packed Olive Garden.

Megan Steigerwalt 2:29 pm, January 04, 2014  

This was great. My brain does the same thing to me as well. When we were learning about Oliver Cromwell in history I kept hearing the Monty Python tune of the same name in my mind.

zilla,  3:57 pm, April 02, 2015  

Now if you were to never leave your home, how would we be able to have a wee chuckle along with you?! Go out and about and keep the high jinx coming!
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