17 Jan 2006

So THAT'S What All The Fuss Is About

In the past, when anyone's ever said they had a migraine and couldn't come into work, I'd act sympathetic but privately roll my eyes. Because I had heard the excuse so often, I tended to toss "I have a migraine" into the same pile of I-don't-feel-like-going-into-work lines as "My great aunt died" or "the cat unplugged my alarm clock".

Until it happened to me yesterday.

What I felt knocked me on my ass. There was NO WAY I could go into work. Even sending the pathetic e-mail of "me sick. not come in" was energy-draining and painful. It was as if my heart had been transplanted into my skull and was pumping HARD (but not necessarily fast). Pair head pain with pukey feelings and a vampire-like hatred toward light and you have my day yesterday.

I think my body is punishing me for not giving it booze anymore.


dinah34 7:22 pm, January 17, 2006  

i can only hope you're feeling better. i've never had a migraine and i hope i never have one--ever.

Anonymous,  7:26 pm, January 19, 2006  

Welcome to the migraine world. I have had plenty of migraines and even ended up in the ER because of them. They are seriously painful and I can sympathize with you. I figured out my "trigger" (chocolate and MSG) and now avoid having both in the same day. (hot chocolate and eating Chinese food are out of the question for me:)) I hope you feel better soon.

doctor T 1:38 am, January 20, 2006  

Yeah, migraines suck it. The first time I had a migraine I had to drive around Calgary and I thought I was dying. The scarf around the temples cure actually works really well, but you will look like a dumb-ass (as I learned the other day).

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