4 Jan 2006

Train Me - Personally!

I've bit yet another bullet (sugar-free!) and purchased 10 sessions of personal training at my gym. I'm one of those people that the diet industry just adores because I am very good at making purchases toward a "thinner me". Very good indeed.

Anyway, Natasha and I have a date with the dumbbells next Wednesday morning. It's not like I don't understand weight training or anything - it's more that I could use someone to scare and threaten me to do it and "Natasha" sounded like the most German / Cold War name on the list.

We're scheduled for 8:30am, two times a week. Which means being at the gym, changed, and starting up a little warm-up for 8:15am. Which means leaving the house by 7:15am. Which means getting up at BAAAHHH!am.

I've said it once already this week, but I'll say it again: Pray for me.


JL 11:49 pm, January 04, 2006  

You can do it! All night loooong. :P

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