22 Nov 2006


So ... I recently posted about how work was less than stellar but that a new hire had the potential to change that. He was going to take about half of my work and bring some much needed experience and competence to our team.

He quit today.

No notice. No warning. He just won't be back, ever. Another place he had interviewed at took their sweet time in deciding who to hire, gave him a call today and told him to start tomorrow. This likely means that we won't be finding someone to fill this role until the new year and we'll just have to continue to make due with our thinning shreds of sanity.

Now, I get that people need to look out for themselves in their careers - but at what point do you actually take responsibility, stick to your commitments and not fuck people over? When will karma catch up to these wankers? Can I be there to watch?

Le sigh.


Foxy Renard 9:23 pm, November 22, 2006  

Still fuming. Quitting over email! No notice! Lies all week!

You know his doctor's appointments on days one and two? Yeah. I must learn the art of suspicion.

Anonymous,  8:12 am, November 25, 2006  

That's ridiculous! I hope karma kicks his ass!

Foxy Renard 10:05 pm, November 29, 2006  

Wait 'til I tell you what happened tonight... I am laughing. Laughing.

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