19 Nov 2006

Give Peas a Chance

Growing up, one of my signature issues was my utter disgust of peas. At the sight or smell of them, I would retch and howl and curse their existence. "They taste like sweaty socks!" I would scream and pout. It was true disbelief and shock when my parents would opt to serve them with dinner - knowing that a) I, Queen of the Family, disliked them and b) WHO could POSSIBLY LIKE PEAS?!?!

A few months ago, I was out having lunch at a pub when my dish was surprisingly served with the Green Pods of Satan. I ate everything around them, but by the time I finished the sorroundings, I was still hungry. Despite having already decided I would definitely not like them, my instinct to nibble all that was borderline-edible in front of my face kicked in, and I found myself popping a few in my mouth. And to my surprise, I didn't want to throw up. The opposite of that happened, actually. I gobbled my lifelong sworn enemy spoon by spoon.

Recently, I saw on Nigella Bites a tasty-looking recipe for pea soup. Very simple, economical, and oddly sensuous, as is all good Nigella makes. For the first time in 28 years, I bought peas - on purpose.

The soup is damn good - and my war with peas is officially over.


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