6 Mar 2007

Disasters in the Kitchen

Today I tried my hand at making favours. I wanted to create little mini wedding cakes out of low-fat brownies. I had such a vision for them. Little, cute, round, darling. Something that would make Martha proud.

The brownies - in their natural pan-form - turned out great. Moist, tasty, chewy ...

The mini wedding cakes, however ....

This is what I imagine happens when you feed a dog ground beef:


My attempts to make different icing styles DID NOT help matters, and if anything, gave these little "treats" the appearance of different phases of wetness.

Welcome to our wedding everyone. Please enjoy.


Christie 12:34 pm, March 07, 2007  

Mmmmmmm... mini brownie cakes.....

Ms.Smarties 6:44 pm, March 07, 2007  

Still looks yummy to me!

Foxy 7:35 pm, March 07, 2007  

Buahahahhaa, those are awesome.

They made me hungry.

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