17 Mar 2007


Our new, dark walnut hardwood floors have crazy scratches in them. In one area, near a chair that we never bothered to properly put protective leg-fuzz around, the scratches are fervent - possibly hundreds of lines, back and forthing themselves in a 1/2 foot of space.

I used to worry about them, thinking these little dumb lines that can only be seen if the light catches them ever-so, would effect our capacity to sell our condo one day. I used to even not be able to go to bed, trying to think about how I could diminish them. How easily I forgot how the place was when we bought it ... with stained carpets, disturbing bathroom and dirty kitchen, and how, even then, I thought it to be a deal.

I really can't let this little stuff (and it is oh so little) get to me. I've reached a point with things that I realize that I need to think bigger picture and not let the silly details dictate my mood. Overall, I am Happy ... Healthy ... No longer scrimping to make ends meet. The scratches are just reminders to think about the big picture, because the big picture is pretty nice.

Patrick and I have been looking to get art, and right now, a Monet seems most appropriate:


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