23 Sept 2007


Today is my birthday.

It was spent doing very adult things like digging the penis-shaped straws out of my purse (from Julianne's stagette the night before), cluelessly wandering around a Home Depot for flooring and ending up only buying batteries and a chocolate bar and a visit to the Mothership Ikea where we are now known BY NAME by an employee, Mike, in the kitchen department.

Yes. Very adult indeed.

The following awesome gifts have been received:
* Boogie for Wii
* Cooking Mama for Wii
* Real Simple magazine subscription
* A landline phone
* Gift certificate at Gone Shopping
* Lotto tickets
* A pig in Zambia named Jen But Never Jenn

Dinner is up next at Tom Jones (named after the Henry Fielding novel, not the panty-attracting singer)!


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