11 Sept 2007

Starbucks Melts My Brain

I'm not really a huge Starbucks person, and that really shined through when I went to order a drink from them today.

Combine the distraction of the nattering Bluetoothed folk around me and my desire to try something fancy and new (to me), the "Tazo Chai Tea Latte" I intended to ask for came out as a "Tazzered Late Chattie-o."

That's verbatim. Sigh - I am such a tourist.


Foxy Renard 7:33 pm, September 12, 2007  

Oh my lord, hahaha, between the WWF and this, you are cracking me up. Write a book!

mary kate 3:44 pm, September 14, 2007  

Jenn! You are it!


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