17 Sept 2008

I Am An Expert In Embarrassing Myself

This morning as I was getting ready for my day, I swung by the Wii Fit to do my daily Body Test (ie: weigh myself). As I was in no rush, I decided to goof around with it for a bit and started playing a few games, namely Hula Hoop.

For those not familiar with Wii Fit's Hula Hoop, you basically have to stand on a board and rotate your pelvis around to simulate hula-hooping. There's no way to not look like a moron while doing this.

Wii's demo of the game is below:

The person in that clip isn't trying really hard, I have to say. I'm rather competitive against myself, so I'm always trying to beat my high score - which means doing it really fast and getting my whole body involved to get more spins in.

So, yah, I'm having at 'er when I heard this huge, sudden BANG - like, right next to me. It surprised me so much that I even yelped (I don't know about you, but I'm not the type of person that audibly talks to herself, so I find it really weird and rare and noticeable when I make a noise when I'm by myself). Anyway, even though I closed our vertical blinds, I can still see quite clearly that there's a window washer about four feet away from me. And since he's essentially pressed up against the glass, he can totally see through the 'blind slits' at me.

But the worst part, was that this was all I was wearing at the time:

Nude Spanx pantyhose things.

And that's it.

No pants. No top. No bra. No dignity. All while feverishly gyrating my gut around.



Jessica 4:18 pm, September 17, 2008  

I'm so sorry Jen, but I am pissing myself laughing right now. You must have made his day.

Were you also wearing the acrylic heels, at least? ;)

Christie 4:47 pm, September 17, 2008  

Oh dear, I'm howling here. Oh, to be a window washer - the things they must see......

Jen 6:14 pm, September 17, 2008  

Oh, Jes - if only. Instead it was chipped nail polish and bed head.

Christie - wouldn't THAT be the best blog? Confessions of a Window Washer?

Anonymous,  11:01 pm, September 17, 2008  

Just today on Tyra (which I've never even watched before) they had a girl on whose boyfriend videoed her doing the hulahoop in her panties.
I guess it was all over youtube.
I say you should hope dude didn't have a video camera!

Unknown 7:48 am, September 19, 2008  

oh my lord, what a sin!!

Raquel 7:50 am, September 19, 2008  

I'm dying over here. Dying.

Brianne 10:30 am, September 19, 2008  

I'm with Jes, I hope you had your sexiest heels on too.

Foxy Renard 10:44 pm, September 23, 2008  

Oh my god, hahahahahaha, I am dying laughing. You must tell Karyn tomorrow.

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