20 Dec 2009

Overheard While ... Holiday Shopping at Winners

In the men's shoe section at Winners, a 45-year old-ish woman is talking on her cellphone while holding a pair of sneakers:

Mom: ... you know those shoes your brother wanted? They're canvas sneakers with the rubber on the toe ...? Chuck Browns?


Mom: Converse? Chuck Taylor? Which one?


Mom: Ok - well, these don't say Converse or Chuck Taylor, but they look like what he pointed out.


Mom: I'm not sure - I don't really see a label ... but these look like what Robbie showed me - but the pattern on the canvas is more, you know, punky. I actually think he might like these more than plain black ones.


Mom: Mmm, no. On the outside of the shoe? No, it doesn't say Converse anywhere. Lemme ... ok, it says "Ed Hardy" on it.



Mom: Whoa. Whoa. Ok! That's why I called! How should I know those are "totally disgusting"?


Mom: Fine. I put them down. Your uncool mom promises not to buy them for anyone, ever.


Jessica 1:52 pm, December 21, 2009  


At least that child was looking out for her. My MIL would have recognized the brand AND bought them.

Dave,  11:27 pm, December 23, 2009  

Ed Hardy is the worst! Good on that kid for saving his brother the humiliation.

Foxy Renard 8:09 pm, January 07, 2010  

Bahahahahahhaha... and I am having flashbacks to your belt story. And laughing about both now. Hahaha.

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