31 Dec 2009

Salut, 2009

It's New Year's Eve ... we're about to meet up with friends and thought a very quick post was in order.

It's the end of the year and an end of a decade. This time, ten years ago, I was in Calgary and the world was all Y2K crazy. Then, we worried that airplanes would fall out of the sky because of effed up computers. Now, we worry airplanes will fall out of the sky because of effed up Muslims. Oh, world. While many things change, you still remain crazy after all these years.

2009 was an overall good year, one that ended on the high note of visiting my parents in Mexico. Patrick liked it so much that he announced a few times since we've been back that he'd like to save more for retirement. Seems spending one's golden years soaking up the sun, doing whatever suits your mood and buying Pacifico beer for less than $1 suited Mr. Byck very well. Fine by me! Anyone who knows me knows that I loves to saves me some money.

What the next year has in store for us, we'll surely discover shortly. Whatever it is, we're hoping 2010 brings even more happiness and health to those we love. That means you!

Happy New Year. See you on the flip side.

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