19 Aug 2010

Awesome. Totally. Totally. Awesome.

Nerdly Childhood Confession: I was always scared to touch my Jabba the Hut action figure (er, rather inaction figure - you really couldn't do much with him) because I kept psyching myself out into thinking he was actually a blob of diarrhea. I'd even put my hand in my sleeve and use my shirt to pick him up, fearful of getting Jabba poop on my skin. I did the same thing with those dung-like plastic Glo Worms, too. Oh, nerdly, crazy, baby Jen.

I was reminded of this memory by an amazingly fun video by Patrick Boivin. Even though I am a Star Trek girl at heart and will forever pray to the temple of Spock, I have to bow down to his "AT-AT Day Afternoon":

AT-AT day afternoon from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.


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