9 Sept 2010

A Wee Update


I've been busy with things, but wanted to pop back in to mention that:

1. Things are brewing with my 50s Housewife Experiment. I can't quite say what, but when I can, I'll be sure to holler about it here. Thanks to everyone who forwarded the blog to friends, posted it on Facebook or just read it and graciously didn't leave any of the mean comments you formed in your head. You are all too kind.

2. A long time ago I mentioned that I'd be doing a Modern Housewife Experiment. I realize now that this idea is too vague and too boring (who really wants to read a self-righteous blog about someone who keeps a clean house, twitters about organic veggies and has way too much time on her hands thanks to modern conveniences? Not me - and hopefully, not you!). While I actually do all of the above, it's not anything to write home about, literally, so why bore everyone here with it? Ditched!

Disappointed? Well, here's the jist: Cleaned blah blah. Picked up his crap blah blah. Got organic veggies from the farmer's market blah blah. Read something interesting blah blah. Here's a dumb tip you all already knew blah blah. Oh, darn, I still manged to gain 2 pounds. Blah, insight, blah.

3. I will, however, be starting a new housewife experiment(!) sometime soon - more details will trickle in when I'm ready. Patrick has been briefed and is already rolling his eyes / whining about the details - which means it's totally going to be awesome. Fun at your husband's expense really is the best kind of fun there is.

4. For the next little while (a week or two), we're going to try to eat a lot of the food that's already in our pantry, as I'd like to be rid of it in preparation for what comes next (eee!). This means that in the immediate future there will be some foodie pics and posts of mostly the starchy, canned and packaged side of cooking. Ehh.

5. Look at that beautiful blob of poutine! Regardless of the time or date you're seeing this, you can be assured that I'm yearning for that hot mess at this very moment:


Anonymous,  5:59 pm, September 11, 2010  

Patrick Byck is a SAINT.

Sarah,  8:02 pm, September 12, 2010  

I CANNOT WAIT for your next housewife experiment!!! I love your 50s housewife blog!

Jen 11:10 am, September 13, 2010  

That first comment by Anon was either by Patrick or one of his dear co-workers... :D

Brassy 6:39 pm, October 27, 2010  

I'm pretty sure you're description of the Modern Housewife series is pretty much every Mommy Blog already in existance, anyway.

But with less poop. These are Mommy Blogs we're talking about.

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